Pavement Management


The City of Goodlettsville utilizes a Pavement Management System to assess the condition of our local roadway network. Pavement condition data such as distress, cracks, ruts, and roughness are collected on each City street at least once a year.

Pavement Condition Index

This data is usually collected in the winter months and is entered into a Pavement Management System software program to generate the Pavement Condition Index (PCI). The PCI is then used in conjunction with other variables such as traffic, type of road, other capital projects, and funding level to prioritize a list of streets to pave.

A Pavement Management System is a computer-assisted process that examines each public road within the City to determine the condition of the pavement, the ride quality, and the best means to repair and restore the pavement. The system provides a fair and objective way to compare needs in the City's neighborhoods to ensure the decisions are made in the community's overall best interest.