Residential Solid Waste & Recycling Pick-up

Solid Waste Pick-Up Schedules

Residential Curbside Solid Waste Schedules

Report a Missed Trash Pick-Up

Recycling Pick-Up Schedules

Holiday Pick-up Information: Sanitation routes WILL NOT run on the following holidays: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. Pick-ups for these holidays will occur on the next day following the holiday. Recycling during these weeks only will be picked up on Saturdays. Sanitation routes WILL run on all other holidays.

What You Do

  • Place your cart at the street by 6:30 a.m. on your pick up day.
  • Remove your cart from the street by 7:00 p.m.
  • Do not place container next to, in front of, or behind any object.
  • Place the container with the number on it facing the street.
  • Keep the lid closed and the container clean.

What We Do

  • Empty your cart once a week on collection day.
  • Repair or replace broken containers.
  • Provide special pick-up services for the disabled.
  • Provide residential chipper service.
  • Provide residential bulk-item pick-up.
  • Provide a recycling (only electronics and metal) drop-off location for city residents (non-commercial).
  • Provide a solid waste/bulk item drop-off for city residents (non-commercial).

Additional Information

Residential garbage must be drained of all liquids and secured in plastic bags prior to being placed in the container. Bags outside the container or bags which contain yard waste, hazardous waste, infectious waste, and construction waste will not be picked up. Yard and construction waste are considered bulk item pick-ups. The City of Goodlettsville is unable to collect and dispose of hazardous waste items. View the Household Waste Chart (PDF) adopted from the WEF (Water Environment Federation). WEF and the City of Goodlettsville assumes no responsibility and disclaims any liability for any injury or damage resulting from the use or effect of any product or information in this publication. The information is intended as a general guideline. Laws and regulations may vary from state to state. Additionally, product formulation can change over time. Check the manufacturer's label for specific disposal guidelines. Use common sense.

Containers are to be placed adjacent to and in back of the curb or adjacent to and in back of the pavement edge if there is no curb and should weigh no more than 150 pounds. Do not overload the container. If the lid is not closed, garbage will spill onto the street making the container unable to be emptied.

Exemption from Curbside Container Placement & Discounted Fees

Application for exemption from the requirement of curbside container placement may be made by any resident who is unable to push the container to the curb due to illness or disability, those with driveways exceeding three hundred feet in length, and individual homes for driver safety reasons. Contact Customer Service at 615-851-2200 to register for collection assistance.

Residents that qualify for half off their monthly curbside or back-door sanitation fees are residents who have qualified for the Senior Property Tax Freeze Program. Residents must apply annually with the county in which you reside. Davidson County residents call 862-6330, Sumner County residents call 452-1260. 

Fees for Residential Waste Collection, Conveyance and Disposal

As of August 10, 2023, the fee structure for solid waste containers is:

  • $21 per month, if you have one city approved container
  • $25 per month, if you have two city approved containers
  • $10 per month, for property owners who are registered to participate in the city's Senior Property Tax Freeze Program and Social Security Disability
  • There is no cost for the city approved recycling containers.

Set-up Fees

This fee is paid upon establishing your water and/or sewer service.

  • $75 new resident non-refundable set-up fee
  • $75 each additional container non-refundable set-up fee

No Commercial Pick-Up

The City of Goodlettsville does not pick up construction waste, bulk rubbish, yard waste, or any other forms of solid waste generated or produced by contractors, tree trimmers, or persons doing work for profit or personal gain. The removal and disposal of such materials shall be the responsibility of the contractor, developer, or property owner. Commercial drop off at the recycling center is prohibited. Vehicles marked with commercial business names, vehicles with commercial license plates and/or commercial business markings are not allowed to utilize the convenience center.