Our people. Serving our people.

Through a series of short video clips, City of Goodlettsville employees will give insight into their departments and talk about what they do each day to serve the community and residents of Goodlettsville. In total there are 14 videos. A new video will be featured each month from November 2017 through December 2018. The goal of the project is to give the Goodlettsville community the inside scoop of its municipal government. We are people here to serve ‘our people’.

Les Carlisle

Les Carlisle is the highlighted employee for November 2018.

Les has served as an officer with the department since February 2002. His current assignment is the Senior Detective in our Criminal Investigations Division. In this capacity he is tasked with investigating some of the most serious crimes that occur. His efforts in solving these crimes has led to his selection as Officer of the Month on several occasions. He is a valued member of the Police Department.

Elizabeth Simpson

Elizabeth Simpson was highlighted for October 2018.

Elizabeth Simpson is the City Clerk for the City of Goodlettsville.  She joined the City in March, 2015 as an Administrative Assistant and was promoted in 2016 to City Clerk.  Elizabeth is a Certified Municipal Clerk (CMC). The CMC designation requires extensive educational training and pertinent experience in a municipality.  As City Clerk, Elizabeth is responsible for the billing and collection of the City’s Property Taxes, administers City Business Licenses, Hotel Occupancy Taxes and Beer Permits.  She also serves as the Secretary for the Goodlettsville Beer Board.  Elizabeth is one of the three friendly faces that greet you when you visit City Hall.  Elizabeth and her husband live in Goodlettsville, with their two young children.

Sterling Brenneis

Sterling Brenneis and the Goodlettsville Sewer Department were highlighted in September 2018.

Sterling Brenneis is a certified Collection system 1 Supervisor for the City of Goodlettsville Sewer Department. He joined the City in March 5, 2007.

Over the past 11 years, he has worked in the sewer department field and is state certified in erosion and sediment control, cured-in-place pipe installation, is a certified state inspector, and took numerous collection system classes to make himself more efficient at maintaining the collection system, including, but not limited to, rebuilding pumps, operating pumping stations, inspecting new construction and rehabbed sewer lines, closed circuit TV sewer mains for leaks, stoppages and problems that need to be addressed, operating and maintaining pumping stations, programming PLC’s, mowing sewer right easements, installing new electrical and fixing electrical problems, smoke testing sewer mains and services for leaks, using high pressure trucks to clean and maintain the collection system, maintaining a strict C-Mom program controlled by the state and overseeing employees to make sure the day to day sewer system is flowing without problems. Sterling is a problem solver and is self-motivated with each task he encounters.

Michael Hackett

Michael Hackett and the Goodlettsville Fire Department were featured in August 2018.

Michael is a 2006 graduate of Beech High School and a lifelong resident of the community and an active member of the God Why church in Hendersonville. He has been with the Goodlettsville Fire Department since 2016 and in the Fire Service more than 12 years. He holds the qualifications of Firefighter II, Advanced Emergency Medical Technician, Rope Rescue Technician, Swiftwater rescue and is a certified Fire Instructor 1. Michael brings a wealth of life and practical experience to his City Service. Michael is a certified plumber and worked several years as a foreman with the Madison Utility District before joining the Goodlettsville Fire Department. Michael and his wife Heather have two children. For this segment, Mike was asked to highlight the work he does fighting fires.

Jesse Proctor

The Parks and Recreation Department with Jesse Proctor were featured in July 2018.

Jesse Proctor is a Crew Leader in the Parks and Recreation Department and has been employed by the City of Goodlettsville for eight years. He began his employment as a part-time employee and has worked his way up to his current position by being a fair and consistent leader. In the bio for Jesse on the Parks and Recreation webpage, he is quoted as saying, "My job is great. The thing I love most is seeing everyone enjoying the park. My crew and I work hard to keep it the best that we can."

Jesse understands the role of Parks and Recreation and the positive impact that he can make on people's lives by providing clean, safe, and well-groomed parks.

Eddie Allen

Eddie Allen, City Horticulturist, was featured June 2018.

Eddie Allen is the Horticulturist for the City of Goodlettsville. He first joined the Goodlettsville Parks Department in 1976 and worked until 1983 to help build Moss-Wright Park. Eddie left the City to become Supervisor of Gardens and Grounds at the Hermitage. He then went on to Washington D.C. to be Head Gardener/Caretaker for a historical estate in Georgetown. He later returned to work for the City of Goodlettsville in 2010 in his current role.

Eddie is responsible for outdoor beautification projects for City facilities and properties. He helps design and maintain streetscapes throughout the City. These include medians, on and off interstate ramps and seven “Welcome to Goodlettsville” signs.

Wayne Stubblefield

Wayne Stubblefield and the Public Works Department were featured in May 2018.

Wayne Stubblefield is the Sanitation Coordinator for the City of Goodlettsville Public Works Department. He joined the City in September of 1995. Over the past 23 years, he has worked and cross trained in every division of the Public Works field, including (but not limited to): Sanitation pick-up, cart replacement and repair, recycling and Convenience Center operations, street maintenance, salt spreading, snow plowing, brush pick-up, street sign maintenance, traffic lights, right of way maintenance, utility inspections, vehicle maintenance support, fuel pump inspections, as well as storm water and drainage project assistance.

Wayne’s previous professional background includes working many years with an automotive distributorship, as well as, with well-known contractors, taking on responsibilities such as demolition, roofing, trim, framework and block laying.

As a former MTSU college baseball athlete, Wayne brought many talents to the field and still enjoys attending local baseball games and other sporting events.

Wayne appreciates the kindness and respect the City of Goodlettsville and its residents have shown him over the years, and that in itself motivates him to do a good job.

Bill Maddox

Bill Maddox and the Tourism Department were featured in April 2018.

Bill Maddox is a Historic Interpreter at Historic Mansker’s Station. He joined the City of Goodlettsville in August 2003 and is responsible for guiding tours, responding to inquiries regarding the Station and the families that lived there, and conducting safety training for staff and volunteers, amongst other things.

Bill was a member of the Army and Army National Guard. He came upon his love of history in June of 1970 while his father was stationed in Athens, Greece. Since that time, he has continued studies into World History with an emphasis on “the how”. How trades were done, how settlers moved, how structures were built.

He is an accomplished craftsman in woodworking and blacksmithing and brings those skills to not only Mansker’s Station but to other historical sites and private individuals.

Ian Durham

Ian Durham and the Fire Department were featured in March 2018.

Ian has been with the Goodlettsville Fire Department since 2014, but he has been in the fire service for more than seven years. He is currently the Fire Chief of the Number 1 Volunteer Fire Department in Sumner County and works for the City of Goodlettsville on B-shift. Ian hold the qualifications of Firefighter Level II and Advanced Emergency Medical Technician. Ian has been married to his wife Ashley for five years and has two children, Emily and Ethan.

For this video segment, Ian was asked to highlight the work he and all the firefighters do in the are of Fire Prevention.

Charlene Busta

The Police Department and Charlene Busta were featured for February 2018.

Charlene has served as a Communications Officer with the Police Department since December 1998. Her assignment is oftentimes the department’s first contact with the community and visitors in a time of crisis. She takes this responsibility very seriously, as evidenced by her being named Communications Officer of the Month eight times and Communications Officer of the year in 2014. She is a valued member of the department.

Jennifer Spillers

The Parks and Recreation Department with Jennifer Spillers were featured for January 2018.

Jennifer Spillers is a Recreation Supervisor in the Parks and Recreation Department and has been employed by the City of Goodlettsville for ten years in various roles. In her current position, Jennifer plans programs and events for people of all ages, but has devoted the last few years to an area of passion for her – senior adults. The senior adult program is thriving under her leadership and has become a place of importance for many people in the community. Jennifer is also involved in many of the special events that the City conducts, most recently Halloween in the Park and the Tree Lighting Ceremony, as well as family events like the upcoming Mother Son Night and Daddy Daughter Dance. Jennifer is a member of Tennessee Recreation and Parks Association and will serve on its Board of Directors in 2018.

Jennifer understands the role of Parks and Recreation and the positive impact that she can make on people’s lives by providing recreational opportunities.

Mike Bauer

The Codes and Building Safety Department with Mike Bauer were featured in December 2017.

Mike Bauer has been employed with the City of Goodlettsville for over ten years. Mike is the City’s Chief Codes and Building Safety Inspector, and he also serves as a Fire Investigator. Mike is a State Certified Building, Fire, Mechanical, and Plumbing Inspector which allows him to complete inspections for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, including examining architectural and engineering plans for code compliance. Mr. Bauer holds many International Code Council certifications and is also certified through various agencies as a Firefighter, Fire Instructor, and Fire and Explosion Investigator. Mr. Bauer has represented the City of Goodlettsville Codes Department while serving on the Middle Tennessee Codes Officials Association Executive Board, including the role as former president. Mike is a dedicated employee that takes his job seriously, and he is always expanding his job skills with training opportunities and studying code requirements.

Rico Jones

The Police Department and Officer Rico Jones were featured in November 2017. Rico has served as an officer with the department since July 2013. He is assigned to Patrol and is a part of the frontline that works daily with our community and visitors. Rico was recognized by the Tennessee Highway Safety Office as the Middle Tennessee Police Officer of the Year for 2016 for his efforts to save lives and reduce traffic crashes through traffic enforcement. He is a valued member of the department.