Event Application Information

There are many venues within the parks in Goodlettsville that are ideal for events.  Below are some details on how to secure a park for your event.

If your event is a family and friends or business event such as birthday parties, reunions, picnic, or similar, please go to our online reservation system to find availability of parks and facilities.  

If your event or use of a park includes any of the following, an application for a Special Park Use Request, or other applicable permit application, between the event organizer and the City of Goodlettsville is required:

  1. Any event in which the number of people in attendance exceeds the capacity of the individual shelter(s);
  2. Any event involving solicitation for goods, services, donations, or affiliation from the general public;
  3. Any exhibit, musical or dramatic performance, fair, concert, play, radio or television broadcast, other than a news transmission;
  4. Any event in which the public is invited;
  5. Any exhibit or display of a motion picture, television program, light or laser light display or similar event;
  6. Any event involving the erection of a stage, scaffold, platform, or other structure;
  7. Any event involving the erection of tent space (individual or combined) larger than 400 square feet (20'x20');
  8. Any event that includes use of an inflatable, bounce house, or other entertainment attraction;
  9. All sports tournaments, league sport events; and
  10. Any other events interfering with the use of the park or park space outside of a reserved shelter space by the general public.


  1. Review the Guidelines for Special Use (PDF).
  2. Complete the Special Park Use Request (PDF) and submit to the Goodlettsville Parks and Recreation Department's Administrative Office at least sixty (60) days before the event date.
  3. A Goodlettsville Parks and Recreation representative will contact you to go over details of your event.

Use of Other City Properties

Any person or organization desiring to conduct a special event (parade, fair, race, or other activity) affecting the ordinary use of City streets, right-of-ways, sidewalks, or other infrastructure must apply for a permit authorizing the activity.  The application must be received at City Hall at least thirty (30) days before the scheduled special event and must be approved by the City Manager.