These documents are provided to contractors and builders as a convenient reference point. After reviewing the documents, feel free to contact us for further information at (615) 851-3469.

Contractors will need to come to the Community Development Services office to complete the Land Disturbance Permit. 


Land Disturbance Permit Checklist

The developer is responsible for obtaining all permits required by agencies and/or governmental entities having jurisdiction. There may be additional forms and/or permits that are required other than what are listed above.


The stormwater hotline number is (615) 851-3469.

This is the number for the collection of information regarding water quality concerns.

In addition to calling the hotline number to report a violation, you may also complete the Stormwater Violation Reporting Form.


Residential Stormwater Policy

Less Than 1 Acre Erosion Control Checklist

TDEC Aquatic Resource Alteration Permits (ARAP)

TDEC Aquatic Resource Alteration Permits (ARAP)

Stormwater Utility

Effective July 1, 2012, the City of Goodlettsville implemented a stormwater utility fee to assist in addressing the water quality and quantity issues within the City and to help the City remain in compliance with the EPA's (Environmental Protection Agency) and TDEC's (Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation) NPDES (National Pollutant Detection and Elimination System) stormwater MS4 (Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System) permit.

Frequently asked questions regarding the stormwater utility are available on the FAQ section of the website or by clicking here (PDF).

Stormwater Utility Credit Manual (PDF) (valid on commercial accounts only)