What if I failed to come to Court?

First, call the Court Clerk's office at (615) 851-2214 and you will be advised as to what options are still available for the resolution of your ticket, depending on how many days it is past due. Tickets over 10 days past due will be sent to the Tennessee Department of Safety and your driver's license will be suspended. Once this occurs, you will have to pay a reinstatement fee, plus the original ticket fine, plus a default fee of $50 for each offense on the ticket.

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1. When is my traffic court?
2. How long will Court last?
3. What if I can't come to Court on the assigned date?
4. What if I failed to come to Court?
5. If my license have been suspended/revoked , where can I go to get reinstated ?
6. Why can't I pay on-line?
7. How many points will be added to my driver's license record and how long will they stay on my drivers record?
8. Can I fax or email my proof ?
9. I received a citation for NO INSURANCE (financial responsibility) will this be dismissed if I get insurance ?
10. I have 2 violations on 1 citation can I have one dismissed before court and then appear in court on the other violation?
11. Can I call the clerk's office or city hall and request traffic school before my court date?
12. Can a citation be paid by check?
13. Is a court appearance required for a citation that is paid in advance of the assigned court date?
14. Can a citation be contested?
15. Can a judgment be appealed?
16. I currently hold a Commercial Driver's license, or I held one when the citation was issued, Can I attend traffic school?